#Musicmonday - #074 → White Sea White Sea

#Musicmonday – #074

HAPPY day-after-the-Triple-J-hottest-100 day! Yes, all the Australia Day pool and beach parties, BBQs, and other assorted get togethers, soundtracked by the music countdown of all countdowns, Triple J’s Hottest 100, is over again for another year with some surprising, albeit not completely unexpected results.

I’ve saved the commentary on how it all went down for another post published yesterday, so if you want to gaze over the list of the top songs from 2013 as voted by Triple J listeners, then head over and check it out. All the links to the relevant streaming playlists I set up can be found on that post as well.

Music from 2013 aside, let’s get to some more new stuff for 2014!

1. “Prague” – White Sea


Let me just say from the outset here – anything related to French synth-pop band M83 is more than likely to garner my attention. And so it is with the lead pick for this week.

This week, Morgan Kibby, aka White Sea, one of the creative geniuses behind M83’s behemoth hit “Midnight City” as well a few other tracks from the album’s “Saturdays = Youth” and “Hurry Up We’re Dreaming”, has released this stellar, dark, synth-rock tune “Prague”.

Once this full, dramatic effort envelopes your ears, it’ll have you hooked. See if I’m wrong.

2. “Twenty Years” – Bad Suns


Continuing on from last week’s introduction, California’s Bad Suns are back with their second appearance on #MusicMonday with “Twenty Years”.

I REALLY like what these guys are doing and I can’t wait to get my hands on a full length release in the near future!

Not available on SoundCloud. Boo!

3. “Somethin” – Mvscles


It seems Chvrches are no longer the only ones substituting a “u” for a “v” when it comes to band names as Boston group Mvscles popped up this week with the launch of their third single “Somethin”.

4. “Work It Out” – Knox Hamilton


A great little track from Knox Hamilton a promising band out of “North Little Rock” in the US. “Who… from where?”, I hear you ask? Exactly. Enjoy.

5. “I See Fire” – Ed Shereen


If you haven’t seen the latest The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug movie yet, then you’re missing out. I suggest you rectify that situation quick smart.

If you have seen it, but you didn’t stick around for the credits, then you missed out on this gem of a track from the UK’s favourite ranga, Ed Shereen.

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