My new favourite time waster -

My new favourite time waster –

EVERYONE loves to explore – to turn random corners in far away lands in the hope of stumbling upon a unique experience, a breathtaking view, or chance encounter with someone truly intriguing.

Sadly, a multitude of virtual handbrakes in the form of demanding careers, bank balances running on fumes and other life commitments make it difficult to pursue these wanderlust dreams. But you don’t need to have to spend thousands and endure hours of air travel to enjoy the spoils of exploration.

Thanks to some clever folk who have hacked away at Google’s “Street View” engine, you can now explore completely random roads, lanes, highways and dirt tracks in every conceivable corner of the world (as long as the Google mobile has driven through taking happy snaps) from any web connected device, using

Hills Creek, New Zealand.
Urban Croatia.

In a five minute sitting at your PC or Mac you can be virtually exploring 360 degrees of:

  • A country lane in Hungary
  • An adventure trail in the highlands of Scotland
  • A citrus orchard in Spain
  • Seaside lanes in Staithes (UK)
  • Graffiti scared walls in Slovenia
  • The entrance to the “Copper Lake Estates” in South Africa
  • Scenic coastal roads on the north island of New Zealand…
  • …and more! is pretty interesting and even a bit addictive. Either way, it’s definitely worth checking out next time you have some spare time on your hands.

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  1. Moo says:

    This. Is. Rad.

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