Why camping in Australia is awesome: Peach Trees

Why camping in Australia is awesome: Peach Trees

CAMPING is without doubt one of the best things you can do when you have a couple of nights free to get away from the “big smoke” and get amongst nature. It’s inexpensive, fun, and perhaps most importantly, gives you the opportunity to disconnect from your regular Monday to Friday cares and digital distractions.

I’ve had some pretty amazing camping experiences in North America set amongst gorgeous lake-littered landscapes, with the odd encounter with some unique critters. When it comes to full-on, near guaranteed wildlife viewing, however, you simply CANNOT beat camping “Down Under”. Camping in Australia is AWESOME!

Take this weekend, for example. Kirsten and I took the opportunity to tag along with my sister and her family to a really neat camping area known as Peach Trees – set in the Jimna State Forest, about a 2 hour drive north west of Brisbane.

Within minutes of arriving and setting up camp, we already had grey kangaroos hopping around us as kookaburras laughed in trees above, competing with the screeches of dozens of cockatoos, stirred up by the presence of large lace monitors slinking around on the bush floor.


A couple of Eastern Grey Roos just chillin' in the shade.

Cara enjoys her photography just as much as Uncle Rob.

This big lace monitor was one of a few that cruised around the campgrounds.
This big lace monitor was one of a few that cruised around the campgrounds.
Preening time for this cockatoo couple.
In flight.

This cheeky little devil was keeping us all on our toes.

I love me some Kookaburras! Always awesome to have them in camp.

This fella was ever-alert.
Kirsten and 'Squirt' braving the suspension bridge.

This posse of roos were up early patrolling the campgrounds.


  1. Shane Spargo says:

    Nailed it Rob. We still haven’t been there. Will take your lead and get there soon.

  2. Rosemary the Relative. says:

    Really enjoyed your camping blog at Peach Trees, Rob. Great mix of family, furred and feathered critters. Excellent choice of photos as usual…..and it looked green and there was no smoke !
    Rosemary H.

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