#Musicmonday - #077 → Jungle Jungle

#Musicmonday – #077

IF you’ve come looking for some high-energy, rock, intense indie dance numbers this week here on #MusicMonday, then you’re probably going to be left a little disappointed.

No, after the last few VERY late nights of Olympics action, I decided this week it was time to slow things down a little bit, get comfy and chill out to some “electrocrooning”, lots of sax, and a number that will hopefully make you want to holiday here in Brisbane? Confused?

All will be revealed…

1. “Busy Earnin'” – Jungle


If the immense buzz around this mysterious UK duo is anything to go by, 2014 will be the year of Jungle.

The band’s latest single “Busy Earnin'” certainly adds some credibility to the hype, dripping with their signature sound, described as “electrocrooning” – a style that matches the resurgent disco trend brought back in favour of late, by the likes of Arcade Fire and more recently Broken Bells.

While you won’t be exposed to the actual identities of these lads anytime soon, you’ll be sure to hear more of them as the year in music plays out.

2. “Radiate” – Béla Takes Chase


Do yourselves a favour and add this gem from UK-based Aussie Béla Takes Chase to your next chillout playlist.

This was 100% my ear worm for the better part of last week = automatic #MusicMonday inclusion.

3. “Talk Is Cheap” – Chet Faker


Super silky smooth at the best of times, Aussie Chet Faker has upped the anti with his latest offering “Talk Is Cheap” by adding a seductively wailing sax to this already seriously sensuous track, backed up by the coolest video clip my eyes fell upon this week. Check it out.

4. “Jubel” – Klingande


I may be a little late to the party on this one, being released a year or so ago, but in a bid to continue celebrating the sax in this week’s selections, this killer deep house track from French duo Klingande.

I’ve heard it played a few times in various clubs over the past year, but Triple J gave it a whirl on the weekend while I was out driving. It instantly triggered that volume up, windows down instinct, and that was enough to give it the nod for this week’s post.


5. “Holiday” – Eves


Last week, the city of Brisbane, my home town, launched its latest multi-million dollar ad campaign aimed at enticing interstate and overseas tourists to make the trip to the Sunshine State’s capital and spew the monetary contents of their hopefully plump wallets, all over the city.

Whether the angle or slogan of this latest push is worth the rate payer dollars poured into it is a conversation for another forum. For me, it wasn’t the visuals or message that I noticed first, it was the cracking little acoustic toe-tapper playing over the ads that caught my attention.

The work of Brisbane artist Hannah Karydas who performs with her band under the name Eves, “Holiday” is a sweet tribute to a fun, sunny holiday in ol’ BrisVegas.

Kudos to Brisbane Marketing for putting the spotlight on some local talent on this one.

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