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#Musicmonday – #078

A pretty slick week of new tunes awaits you below this quick intro. New stuff from one of my current local favourites, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, as well as the new single from Coldplay which dropped only a couple of hours ago.

As always, feel free to click the thumbs up or down icons beside each track to let me know what you think of each of the week’s selections, feel free to leave comments below letting me know what you liked or didn’t like, and, if you feel the post is worthy, please share the link amongst your online social circles.

Mucho gracias!

1. “Gust of Wind (ft. Daft Punk)” – Pharrell Williams


While the rest of his album my struggle to live up to the lofty heights of his feel-good hit of the season “Happy”, Pharrell Williams has pulled in some heavy hitters in the form of his two French robot mates, Daft Punk, to vocoder the fantastic hook in this decent new release titled “Gust Of Wind”.

2. “Flaws” – Vancouver Sleep Clinic


Hands down, for me at least, 17 year-old Tim Bettinson, aka Vancouver Sleep Clinic, is the most talented artist to spring out of the Brissie scene in recent times.

“Flaws” is, I think, the third time I have featured this kid’s amazing atmospheric harmonies on #MusicMonday and no, it’s not just because of my affinity to all things “Vancouver”. Speaking of which, the name – exactly how did that come about?

When asked about it by online publication Tomatrax, Bettinson replied “When I first starting writing for this project, I felt like it could be the type of atmospheric music that people could fall asleep to.” Tick. The Vancouver part? “…it looks like a beautiful place”. Right again, young man.

Look out for his “Winter” EP due out on March 10, it’ll be EPIC!

3. “Blindfold” – Canopy Climbers


Tell me I’m not the only one who hears the Silversun Pickups influences in this great track from US band Canopy Climbers?

4. “Unconsolable” – X Ambassadors


If already clocking up studio time with the likes of The Knocks and Eminem, and currently supporting Imagine Dragons on tour through Canada is a measure of success, then X Ambassadors, an alternative rock band from Brooklyn are well on their way.

“Unconsolable” is the first track I’ve heard from the lads, but it sure grabbed my attention and once I’m done typing this up today, I’m off to find some more of their work on SoundCloud!

5. “Magic” – Coldplay


With one more song left for this week, I guess there’s room to squeeze in this little bit of “Magic”, which launched a couple of hours ago, from a band called Coldplay. You may have heard of them?

The world-topping lads have a new album titled “Ghost Stories” due out on the 19th May. Mark it in your calendars NOW! From what I’m hearing so far, they’re headed in a pretty sweet new direction on this one – can’t wait!

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