#Musicmonday - #080 → Frett (UK) Frett

#Musicmonday – #080

LET’S not let any mindless waffle of mine get in the way of some great new tracks this week, predominantly from ol’ Blighty.

Ready? Go.

1. “Porcelain” – Frett


If digital music files could be worn out, then I surely have nearly brought “Porcelain” by UK indie duo, Frett, to within an inch of its life. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

So good.

2. “All Of Your Voices” – The BlackWhite


Stepping up to fill my alternative rock quota for this week is a UK five-member band called The BlackWhite.

“All Of Your Voices” has a killer hook and is hopefully indicative of what we can expect when they drop their latest single later today. Keep an eye out for these lads in 2014.

3. “Whitewash” – Halcyon Drive


My #MusicMonday posts wouldn’t be the same without a young Aussie band, often a product of Triple J’s Unearthed initiative, chiming in with a fantastic new track. This week, that band is Melbourne indie pop duo Halcyon Drive. Yes, I did say duo. You’d swear the full sound ringing through on this track was produced by a larger group of musicians!

The talented lads are expected to release their first EP later this year – keep an eye out for it. In the meantime, you can download this and a couple of their earlier releases on their Unearthed page.

4. “Colours To Life” – Temples


Despite being released around a year ago now, “Colours To Life” by the UK’s answer to Tame Impala, Temples, is still worthy of a spin in this week’s compilation.

Lot’s of psychedelic guitars, heavy bass and easy to pick-up, repetitive lyrics. Winner.

5. “Habits Of My Heart” – Jaymes Young


Jaymes Young is back with yet another brilliant, original take on someone else’s sweet material. In “Habits Of My Heart”, Jaymes heavily samples and remixes the Sufjan Stevens 2005 track “Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland”.

The guy is a SERIOUS talent and can basically do no wrong in my books. Follow him on SoundCloud, take a listen at his previously released material, some of which has already been featured here on #MusicMonday, and you’ll see what I mean.

Oh yeah, you can download this one now for free via the widget below. 😉

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