#Musicmonday - #081 → Thief Thief

#Musicmonday – #081

READY for a quick smattering of new tunes for the week? It’s #MusicMonday time!

Today I’ve travelled, virtually speaking, to the four corners of the earth, showcasing tracks from the UK, Ireland, the USA and here in Australia. Some of the artists will be new to you and me, others you will have seen around these parts before.

While you’re listening to some great new music, I’m tinkering away in the background on something new which I hope to share with you all sooner rather than later. Oooooooo…

1. “Closer” – Thief


I’m all about the music of talented Aussie PJ Wolf (aka Thief) right now!

This quirky, big-brass riddled tale about being screwed over is most definitely #onRepeat for me today and thus worthy of being shared with you all.

Follow this bloke on SoundCloud so that you too can be the first to hear ANYTHING he releases in the near future. If not, I’ll more than likely post it here!

2. “Take Me To Church” – Hozier


Irish-born blues/soul artist Andrew Hozier-Byrne has wrapped an almost Elton John-like lyric and melody around this haunting new track “Take Me To Church”.

This is the title track from Hozier’s debut EP which showcases his varied talents from gospel soul through to raw acoustic.

Definitely an artist to keep an eye on!

3. “Won’t Let You” – Fragics


Sometimes an artists own mini bio is so good I couldn’t possibly do any better on here if I tried. With that said…

Fragics …is Jay Rodger. Combining the acoustic and electronic sides of music that have been growing up side by side since I was 14, and never really made it into bed with each other until now.”

Gold!… just like this piece of electronica goodness!

4. “Marvin’s Room (Drake cover)” – Sir Sly


2013 was a bit of a breakout year for LA’s Sir Sly, introducing their The Neighbourhood-esque sound through tracks like “Ghost” and “Where I’m Going”.

This version of Drake’s 2011 release, “Marvin’s Room” marks the first official cover from Sir Sly, and it’s a beaut… I’d go as far as saying it’s far better than the wimpy original effort.


5. “Bones” – Dustin Tebbutt


“Bones” is the first new single since the release of Dustin Tebbutt’s “Breach EP” which he released last year to much praise.

The success of previous songs like “The Breach” and “Where I Find You”, one of my favourite tracks from 2014, will ensure that this new track receives due airplay both here in Australia on Triple J, and overseas where Dustin has been gaining increased attention of late.

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