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#Musicmonday – #085

AFTER a pretty solid week of live shows last week preventing my ability to wrestle a list of tunes together in time, #MusicMonday is back this week to make your ears tingle with some new sounds.

Here we go…

1. “All Messed Up” – Tales in Space


Tales in Space are a talented Aussie duo who create their music using, “samples, loops, radios, keyboards and triggers while still maintaining a solid foundation of traditional drums and guitars.” True story.

Enjoy this one – I sure did.

2. “In The Grass” – Vacationer


American new-wave tropical pop band, Vacationer’s new album “Relief” is due out on June 24th, with this track “In The Grass” being the latest tease of what’s to come.

3. “A Sky Full Of Stars” – Coldplay


I won’t go as far as saying that acclaimed DJ/Producer Avicii has saved Coldplay’s upcoming album “Ghost Stories” with this collaborated effort.

I will say, however, that on an album that is almost completely a downbeat, “Parachutes”-like offering, you pretty much have to go right to the back of the track listing, to #8 before you find something reminiscent of the anthemic gems we’re used to being gifted from Chris and the boys – a diamond in the rough, if you will.

4. “Little Monster” – Royal Blood


This week’s unequivocal proof that all you need in order to nail a great rock track, is a couple of talented guys who know there way around nothing more than a drum kit and a bass guitar – I give you the UK’s Royal Blood with “Little Monster”.

5. “Every Night (VINES Remix)” – Josef Salvat


About 6 months ago, upcoming Aussie indie singer/songwriter Josef Salvat released a sultry, laid back pop number called “Every Night”.

Fast forward to this past week and the release of a new remix of “Every Night” by German production duo VIMES who have kicked up the beat, added in some summery synths and voila, you have a new and brilliant interpretation of an already great track – each able to stand on their own.

After all, that’s EXACTLY what you want from a good remix, right?!

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