2014 Football World Cup iPhone Wallpaper

2014 Football World Cup iPhone Wallpaper

IT’S just ticked over midnight, delivering us in the month of June, which means the start of the world’s biggest non-Olympic sporting spectacle, the FIFA World Cup, is about a week away from kicking off in Brazil.

You can start supporting your favourite teams right now by grabbing one of the following 2014 Football World Cup iPhone Wallpapers I’ve put together for you all!

You can easily and instantly unlock ALL 32 teams by sharing this page with your football-loving friends and fellow World Cup viewers and supporters using the share buttons provided below, or by simply waiting for a couple of minutes for the time delay to run its course.



How about something for your social media profile pics?

Daniel Nyari, a talented illustrator from New York has weaved his own minimalistic philosophy across the logos of all 32 competing teams/countries in this year’s World Cup in Brazil.

His aim? “How can I reduce something to its essence and communicate the message with the least visual information possible?”

I dunno about you, but I think he’s done a pretty sweet job. Some of those crests have some pretty detailed elements which he’s reduced very effectively without them losing any of the identity they should communicate.

Click on the preview image below to be taken to Daniel’s Futbol Artist Network page where you can get hold of your team’s stylised crest, and where you can order them in 12″ x12″ (30cm x 30cm) Stretched Canvas or 6″ x 6″ Acrylic Blocks.

Minimalist 2014 World Cup Crests

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  1. Far too talented for your own good Masey! These are fantastic!

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