Artist spotlight: Eric Proctor

Artist spotlight: Eric Proctor

Ever wondered what would happen if everyone’s favourite, ill-tempered social media star, Grumpy Cat, penetrated the world of Disney and set about ruining all the fairytale moments we’ve all come to know and love?

Well Eric Proctor, a talented digital artist from the USA has set out to graphically explore this predicament through a series of animations depicting Grumpy Cat, offloading his usual all-around petulance to the likes of Aladdin, The Beast, multiple Princes, The 7 Dwarfs and more.

Eric’s aim? To simply replace one of the key characters from a series of Disney movies with the cantankerous kitty in such a way that, “the appearance of the cat must derail the plot of the film.”

Take a bow, sir. Your goal has been beautifully achieved.

'Evil Has A Beginning...'

Eric’s talents are by no means limited to Disney parodies. He has a fantastic, often updated portfolio of his work available to peruse on his DeviantArt site under the alias “TsaoShin” at:

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