OK Go excel again with "The Writing's On The Wall"

OK Go excel again with “The Writing’s On The Wall”

THE undisputed champs of the quirky, clever music clip, OK Go thrilled all their fans yesterday, including me, by launching their latest perception-bending music clip to the new single “The Writing’s On The Wall”.

In 2006 OK Go released their now famous treadmill-choreographed clip for “Here It Goes Again”. It went viral and provided the boys with overnight exposure, the likes of which probably hasn’t been matched since, for any one band.

Since then OK Go have explored the use of car stunts, time-lapse photography, dancing dogs, a giant Rube Goldberg machine and more, consistently producing fun and clever videos that have maintained their reputation as a creative powerhouse when it comes to music videos.

The new video

Although the giddy kid inside me that loves this sort of creativeness would love to think that the guys nailed this in one take, in actual fact 50 attempts were needed to complete the complex, roaming, one-take shoot performed on a Brooklyn set, that took three weeks to set up.

The end result? A visual feast that will command more than one viewing, I can promise you that.

OK Go - The Writing's On The Wall

With all the hype surrounding the new video, let’s not look past the fact that “The Writing’s On The Wall” is actually a really great track, exploring “a pre-break-up report from a relationship in which two people keep seeing things in different ways.”

Considering the visual trickery employed, it’s easy to see how different people would interpret the content different ways, thus ably supporting the songs main theme.

Bravo lads.

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  1. fischer says:

    Absolutely fascinating. I gather the OK Go crew all love this stuff, and clearly it wins them an audience, but you’d have to wonder if the lyricist ever worries that nobody is paying attention to the words – as catchy/thoughtful as they may be.

    I’m sure I’ll watch this lots more times yet.

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