The Lyrebird – Australia’s amazing songbird

AUSTRALIA is blessed with some of the most beautiful, and dangerous animals on the planet. From cuddly koalas and wombats to the countless number of deadly eight-legged and slithering beasties that grace the big island, we have an abundance of fascinating creatures to surprise and delight.

There’s one feathered fellow that probably “takes the cake” when it comes to talent, however. The ground-dwelling Lyrebird has an extraordinary ability to mimic the sounds of the environment around them.

Found up and down Australia’s eastern seaboard from Queensland in the north through New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania in the south, you can hear the Lyrebird call on just about any bushwalk or hike you go on in rainforest areas in these regions. You won’t know you’re hearing them as you probably think you’re hearing a crow, magpie or kookaburra. But chances are this crafty songbird is the source of the melody.

The Lyrebird has also been recorded mimicking human world sounds like chainsaws, car alarms, crying babies, rifle shots and more. The video above, taken by YouTuber Wen Hao Lee is one of the best displays of the range of an individual Lyrebird’s calls I’ve seen. It seems to have put some time in watching Star Wars movies as its “laser-beam” call is scarily good!

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