Colour Me Brisbane – a look back at the G20

ALTHOUGH opinions were, and to a degree still very much are, divided over whether or not the recent G20 Summit held here in Brisbane was a good thing for the city and its citizens or not, one thing is for sure – organisers lit up the city in celebration of the event in a display which has been beautifully captured in this video, “Colour Me Brisbane”, from local time-lapse aficionado, Brett Montgomery.

I’ve always said we have a stunning, vibrant, colourful city, but this 3 minute montage of the energy and colour experienced right throughout the city during the recent G20 Cultural Celebrations just cements my proud sentiments.

Ol’ BrisVegas was well and truly alive while the world’s most powerful leaders did their thing behind closed, heavily guarded doors. The people of Brisbane, to their credit, continued to journey into the CBD area at night and enjoy all the light displays that you can relive for yourselves, thanks to Brett’s handiwork.

This video’s a real treat in HD at full screen, so make sure you set it right before pressing “play”!

A few happy snaps

Those of you who already follow me on Instagram will have already seen these, but here’s just a few shots I took on the one occasion I did have to get into town after work in the week leading up to the summit.

Beautiful Brisbane City all lit up in colour.

An aluminium Sauropod with her two offspring, covered in 2,500 crocheted 'granny squares'.

The ever popular Brisbane sign visited by over 25,000 people during the G20 period.

Oh, and for those of you who adored the “Brisbane sign” in front of QPAC (see above), put together by the Queensland Men’s Shed Association, the good news is it’s there to stay! Well, a modified, iconic version meant to last for years to come will be installed in the same location – awesome news!

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