State of Origin iPhone 6 Wallpapers

State of Origin iPhone 6 wallpapers

Yes, it’s that time of year again when we’re reaching into the back of our closets for all that glorious maroon and baby blue supporter gear that marks one of the ultimate sporting events of the annual calendar – the State of Origin!

This year’s series coincides with a new iPhone screen resolution, so in keeping with tradition I have put together the following lock and home screen sets of State of Origin iPhone 6 wallpapers for you all.

All you need to do to get your hands on these free wallpaper sets, is follow these few easy steps…

STEP 1 – Turn off your iphone’s parallax effect

Those of you who value battery longevity will have no doubt already done this, but to get the best out of the free State of Origin iPhone 6 wallpapers below, you’re going to want to do this. It’s a setting that’s easy to turn on, but hard to find, so here’s where you need to go:

Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion

That’s it, simply turn on this setting and your half-way there!

STEP 2 – Download the wallpapers you want

Get behind the mighty maroons, jump on the blue bandwagon or mix and match your lock and home screen selections – the choice is yours.

Click on the download links below to grab the wallpapers you want.

Queensland State of Origin iPhone 6 wallpapers

New South Wales State of Origin iPhone 6 wallpapers

State of Origin iPhone 6 wallpapers

STEP 3 – Set your new wallpapers to your iPhone 6’s lock and home screens

If you’re a newbie at this, pop on over to this great How to change the wallpaper to customize your iPhone or iPad article on and you’ll be “cooking with gas” in no time!

And that’s it guys! All that’s left now is to start showing off your true allegiances to all your friends via your bright, colourful, retina screens! And please, be sure to share this page with all your fellow supporters and State of Origin fans right across your social networks!

And finally, as always let me just say…


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