Following the popularity of the four QLD Maroons iPhone 4 retina wallpapers I posted a couple of years ago, I figure it's probably time that I updated the collection to the right dimensions for the iPhone 5.

While I'm at it, I guess I could begrudgingly pander to all those Blues supporters who have been crying out for some State of Origin iPhone wallpapers of their own. So... here they are - four new "Kane Toad" designs and a selection of "Maroons", "Blues" and "State of Origin" designs for you to download at your pleasure.

Artwork now updated for iPhone 6, 7, 8 and X!

Yes, I've resized all the artwork and added a new coat of paint here and there (including new accompanying home screen designs per team) to ensure that you're covered regardless of what modern smart phone you are using these days. And don't despair Android peeps - I'm reliably informed that the iPhone X designs display nicely on your devices too!

Links & Credits

  • Wallpaper artwork // Rob Masefield
  • Layered device templates from Zippy Pixels //
  • All team logos and branding marks are the property of their respective teams.
  • Queensland Maroons //
  • New South Wales Blues //