As Halloween approaches for another year, everyone is probably hard at work preparing their costumes for another fun filled night of frights and frivolity come Saturday.

To give you all a break from squirting fake blood all over the latest acquisition of second-hand garb, ripped from the racks of "Value Village", I thought I would share with you a selection of 7 creepy short films I found on Vimeo, that feature an array of creepy characters and contorted content that will get you in the mood for the weekend's festivities.


"Spectre" by Matt Taylor

"Eel Girl" by Paul Campion

"Red Balloon" by Alexis Wajsbrot

"The Ornament" by Pat Dorian

"Nightmares In My Head" by Maria Bowskill

"Slash-in-the-box" by Nick Everhart

"The Descendent" by Robert Glickert