We've hit Day 6 of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and Canadians have had quite a bit to get excited about, so far bagging seven pieces of twisted metal, including 3 of those special golden ones! The Canadian half of my being has been excited about every medal won by a Canuck so far, but I have to be honest, the Aussie in me has been pining for some "boxing kangaroo" podium action too!

Since day one when Gretzky carried the torch down Vancouver's Waterfront Road to the outdoor cauldron, I had made no secret of my support and high hopes for 23 year old Aussie sensation, Torah Bright, in the women's snowboarding half pipe.

When it came to the much anticipated final up at Cypress Mountain this evening, the blonde haired, sun kissed beauty with the irresistible smile (check out the press photos below and tell me I'm wrong), gave all of Australia a huge fright when she bombed her first run. However, with a technically impressive second run which included a tough "Switchback 720", Torah impressed the judges enough to pick up a score of 45.0 out of a possible 50 - a score that would not be bettered, not even by the squad of talented US ladies.

Personally, I was all fired up to see Torah pull out a "double cork", a move that her male counterparts find difficult at the best of times (with the exception of the incomparable Shaun White perhaps). It wasn't to be on this occasion, but she did tell reporters to "stay tuned..."

A MASSIVE congratulations to Torah and the entire Bright family including her brother/coach Ben Bright. A mighty effort which is going to be celebrated by Aussies up at Whistler and back at home for a long time to come.

A special mention also for fellow Aussie competitor Holly Crawford who came in 8th, and Canadians Mercedes Nicoll (6th), Sarah Conrad (12th) and young Palmer Taylor (26th). Well done ladies.

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