Up early to see Georges, Steph and Jenn off on the next leg of their trip. The option to go back to bed till midday was an attractive one, and one I didn't fight. We're out in the middle of nowhere here and there doesn't seem to be too many people in the hostel right now so I made use of the peace and quiet.

In the afternoon, Dan and I decided a bit of an exploration in one of the canoes was on the cards. We got all the gear together and headed out onto the lake and paddled across to the source of a bunch of engine noise we had been hearing this afternoon. It turns out that Circuit Mont-Tremblant was just on the other side of the lake – the only Grand Prix ready track in Canada outside of Montreal where the F1 circuit is.

We got out of the canoe and started making our way over towards the track barrier only to be pulled up by some bloke who had obviously watched us arrive. He asked semi-nicely for us to leave as we were trespassing on private property. When we explained who we were and where we were from, I think the fellas exact words were, "I may be French, but I'm not a prick – you can stay a few minutes, but then you must leave."

Unfortunately, the bikes we could hear didn't make it out onto the track in the "few minutes" so generously allotted to us, so we floated back out onto the lake and headed to the other end to the general store to grab some stuff for lunch. It was pretty hot and humid today so the decision to jump off the jetty back at the hostel and get a quick dip in before lunch wasn't a hard one.

It was around 4pm that we got yet another spurt of energy – enough of a spurt that we paid a few bucks to hire out a pair of bikes that we used to explore the network of beautifully paved cycling tracks that criss cross throughout Mont Tremblant and the ski village. Managed to snap off a few photos along the way to try and illustrate the "Disneylandish" nature of the village, before we passed back through the hostel and crossed over onto another network of tracks that led us further out of town.

Unfortunately for me, a blown tyre shortened my afternoon of fitnessy fun. Dan took off and kept exploring while I walked the bike the few kilometers back to the hostel. Grrrrr!

Still not a lot of people around the hostel, so a quiet dinner and a couple of ales to put us to sleep and we called it a night!

Links & Credits

  • All images // Rob Masefield
  • Circuit Mont-Tremblant // lecircuit.com
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