Made the trip into Brisbane's South Bank cultural district this afternoon to check out the new Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA), the new State Library and of course the rest of the South Bank precinct.

What to say about GoMA??? Well the building is quite impressive both inside and out which is really saying something, cause let's be honest, the architectural design of buildings here in my home town have never been anything to get excited about. In terms of exhibits, however, the selection on offer was pretty thin. Obviously having only just opened recently to the public (2006) it's going to take a little while to fill all the nooks and cranny's of the building with thought and emotion provoking pieces of art.

The feature piece on offer at GoMA right now is a colourful, expansive arrangement by German abstract painter Katharina Grosse titled "Picture Park". Despite taking the time to watch an audio visual piece on the motivation behind, and the process undertaken by Katharina and her team to create Picture Park, it really didn't do a lot for me. To each his or her own I guess.

Before heading back into town via the South Bank/QUT footbridge, I wandered back along the South Bank river walk and took in the late afternoon sun. With it sounding like it's turned damn nasty weather wise back in Vancouver, I'm taking every available chance to soak in the sun and balmy conditions while home.


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