There's no doubt about it - I've enjoyed my time silently gliding over some of the great metropolitan, and indeed natural wonders of our world, thanks to John Coates' tvOS inspired Aerial screen saver for Mac.

But it's time for a change... for a colourful, creative, Apple-loving change. So today I redirected my attention to the wonderful Brooklyn screen saver for Mac made available earlier this year by iOS Software Engineer, Pedro Carrasco.

Based on the sweet Apple logo animations first seen during the Apple Special Event back in October 2018, this new screen saver is a compilation of some 60-odd abstract, colourful animation builds of the famous Apple mark.

With variations such as "Blue Sand", "Fruit Ninja" and "Volumetric", there's
bound to be design that catches your eye and you have free-reign to control which animations you want to show, the number of loops per animation, and whether to play the animations in random order, or not.

Enough talking about it, however. Here's how you can get the saver onto your own screen by following these few easy steps:

1. Download the screen saver installer

Rip over to Pedro's "Brooklyn" Github page, scroll down to the Installation section and look for the download link.

Brooklyn for OSX

2. Install the screen saver

Unzip and install the .saver file you downloaded and select if you want to install the screen saver for just your login or for all users of your Mac.

3. Control how and what you want to see

To access the options screen for the screen saver, start by accessing your System Preferences dialogue and clicking on the "Desktop & Screen Saver" icon.

Scrolling to the bottom of the list of installed screen savers, you'll eventually find the newly installed "Brooklyn" option. Click it to access a preview of the current settings, and also to access the "Screen Saver Options..." button.

Choose to loop each individual animation a number of times and whether or not to show your selected collection of animations in random order or not.

It's that simple. Enjoy.

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