There's been some pretty exciting moments in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics so far, and some great champions that have emerged along the way. By far one of my favourites to date is Canada's own Skeleton champion Jon Montgomery.

Kudos must go to this likable chap from Russell, Manitoba, simply for doing what I'm sure most of us wouldn't have the balls to do – hurl yourself down a tube of ice, head first, reaching speeds that most of us are used to achieving in our vehicles on wide open highways.

Tonight, Jon Montgomery dug deep and pulled out an incredible 4 heat run out at the Whistler sliding center and in doing so put himself on top of the podium, securing Canada's 4th gold medal. Now here's the bit that I loved... as he headed back into Whistler village, someone thrust a pitcher of beer in his hands and without hesitation and while he was talking to the media, he proceeded to chug the beer as if he'd never tasted the amber nectar before.

Jon's a larrikin, he's Canadian, and he's now the toast of the country!

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