Let's just call this one a festive design challenge that got a little out of hand. Once again I find myself having completed a full set of iPhone wallpaper designs, this time with a Christmas "Ugly Sweater" flavour, for not only fans of my beloved Vancouver Canucks, but also for the other 30 teams in the NHL as well as a couple of legacy favourites.

They are all available for download below in sizes suitable for all iPhones from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 11 PRO. Those of you out there with Android devices should find the larger X/11 PRO options suitable for you too.

If you find some joy in these when you look down at them dozens, if not hundreds of times a day on your screen, then do me a favour and share this page with your fellow NHL team fans via your preferred social media channels like Reddit, Facebook and Twitter. There's a comments section below that makes this real easy for you too!

Thanks a bunch and Merry Christmas!

❄️ Colorado Avalanche

❄️ Chicago Blackhawks

❄️ Columbus Blue Jackets

❄️ St Louis Blues

❄️ Boston Bruins

❄️ Montreal Canadiens

❄️ Vancouver Canucks

❄️ Washington Capitals

❄️ Arizona Coyotes

❄️ New Jersey Devils

❄️ Anaheim Ducks

❄️ Calgary Flames

❄️ Philadelphia Flyers

❄️ Vegas Golden Knights

❄️ Carolina Hurricanes

❄️ New York Islanders

❄️ Winnipeg Jets

❄️ Los Angeles Kings

❄️ Toronto Maple Leafs

❄️ Tampa Bay Lightning

❄️ Quebec Nordiques

❄️ Edmonton Oilers

❄️ Florida Panthers

❄️ Pittsburgh Penguins

❄️ Nashville Predators

❄️ New York Rangers

❄️ Detroit Red Wings

❄️ Buffalo Sabres

❄️ Ottawa Senators

❄️ San Jose Sharks

❄️ Dallas Stars

❄️ Hartford Whalers

❄️ Minnesota Wild

Links & Credits

  • All images // Rob Masefield
  • Some team logo pixel design credit goes to Al Creed.
  • Vancouver Canucks // canucks.com