I'm no astrologer, but after having captured the spectacular Comet McNaught through my lens while down at English Bay last week I have tried to follow it's progress, through other photographer's images, as it has passed down into the Southern Hemisphere.

Of most interest to me has been how C/2006 P1, as it is scientifically known, was going to look over my hometown, Brisbane.

In spectacular fashion my question was answered today when I stumbled upon a gallery of images snapped by talented Brisbane photographer, Craig Jewell from the heights of Mt Coot-tha last night (21/01 Brisbane time).

It appears that you folk back at home are enjoying a pretty spectacular show with the comet certainly appearing to be a lot brighter than anything we were able to witness here on the few nights we weren't clouded in. If you view this in time, I would highly recommend making the trip up the mountain to have a "goosey gander" for yourself!

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