WOW! What a way to end a phenomenal and memorable two week period of world-class winter sport and partying! In a "heart-in-your-throat" climax to the men's ice hockey competition, Team Canada managed to defeat the USA 3-2 in overtime!

Ok, so maybe it didn't come as easily as we all would have hoped. A heart breaking goal by the USA in the final 24.4 seconds of the third period tied things up and stole away the regular time victory we all thought we were going to share.

But in the end Sid "The Kid" Crosby (the guy who's number is on the back of my jersey) pulled out a stunning goal, now forever known as "Crosby's Golden Goal", right when it was needed to put the boys in red and white on top of the Olympic podium, capturing Canada's 14th gold medal and adding to the largest gold medal haul in history, by a single country in the Winter Olympics.

I took the game in with friends from the comfort and electric atmosphere of the Vogue Theatre right in the heart of town on Granville Street, with plenty of chaos going on out on the main drag outside (see photos below).

We had an absolute ball and were stoked that we made the last minute decision last night, to attend. When Crosby slotted the decider, the place theatre erupted, and it stayed that way for a VERY LONG time!

For me, Canada's player of the game was probably a toss-up between decorated veteran Scott Niedermayer and defenseman Chris Pronger. Mind you Ryan Getzlaf was as consistent and vital as ever, as was Vancouver's very own man between the pipes, Roberto Luongo.

I, like the tens of thousands still hooting and hollering on Robson and Granville, am on a SERIOUS high right now. These Olympics Games have been looming for me since I landed on these shores, and I'm so happy that I was able to take part in them, even if it was only from the sidelines.

Congratulations to Team Canada and ALL those Canadian, and Australian athletes who earned their places on the podium.

Congratulations to all the other athletes that competed over the past 2+ weeks.

Congratulations to all those behind the scenes and the thousands of amazing volunteers that made it all happen, and last but not least, congrats to the city of Vancouver and Whistler Village for showing the world such an amazing time!

What am I going to do with myself tomorrow now...


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