The snow of the past few days here in Vancouver disappeared today as the clouds parted, the blue skies arrived, the temperature plummeted and I grabbed my camera and headed for the beach!

Ok, so it probably wasn't exactly what I would be used to back home in terms of hitting the beach in January (there is NO WAY I was going to wear board shorts in the -5 degree temps, that's for sure), but it was beautiful nonetheless and it was great to get outdoors and just soak it all in.

First stop, the 217.5 Arc x 13 art installation, affecionately referred to as the "Rusty Ribs", down on Sunset Beach.

A little later in the evening, Brett and Jess (who are staying with me right now) joined me as I headed back down to English Bay to photograph the iconic Inukshuk (2010 Winter Olympics Symbol) with the setting sun. It was beautiful and it was freezing!

NOTE TO SELF: Take gloves next time!

While we were down there we were somewhat fortunate enough to witness the appearance of the "Comet McNaught" streaking through the sky just above the Kitsilano Beach horizon.

Considered to be the brightest comet in the Northern hemisphere in 30 years, the Australian discovered comet, also known as C/2006 P1, is so bright due to its proximity to the sun. In fact in the coming days "Comet McNaught" will pass the sun (temporarily disappearing in the glare) and emerge in good position for southern hemisphere viewing later this month.

Anyway, this is the comet as I was able to catch it with my limited equipment. The tail of this thing is pretty impressive I have to say!

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