Trick or Treating took a back seat for Kirst and me tonight, as we ditched the traditional Halloween fangs, zombies and candy for beers and great tunes thanks to Perth's Eskimo Joe who returned to Brisbane tonight for the second time in the space of a few months.

Last time, an intimate acoustic anthology of the band's past albums was enjoyed at Brisbane's Old Museum, but tonight it was time to take in a selection of new tunes as "the Eskies" performed songs from their 2013 release "Wastelands".

Eskimo Joe @ The Hi-Fi

The clearly long-time-fan dominated crowd was treated to studio-quality renditions of new tracks "Running Out Of Needs", "Not Alone" and "Every Harmony", along with some old favourites like "London Bombs", "Sarah" and "Black Fingernails, Red Wine".

Eskimo Joe Setlist

The Hi-Fi, Brisbane (31 October, 2013)

  1. Running Out Of Needs
  2. Not ALone
  3. New York
  4. Smoke
  5. London Bombs
  6. What You Want
  7. Sarah
  8. Every Harmony
  9. A Song Is A City
  10. Disgrace
  11. Foreign Land
  12. Don't Let Me Down
  13. Got What You Need
  14. Black Fingernails, Red Wine
  15. Sad Song *
  16. Love Is A Drug *
  17. From The Sea *


Eskimo Joe @ The Hi-Fi
Eskimo Joe @ The Hi-Fi

Tapping into the Halloween theme, Stu took to the stage at the beginning of the night looking a little worse for wear with his face unzipped from neck to forehead.

Despite his best attempts to keep the look together, the costume kind of deteriorated as the set went on and the sweat began to run.

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Later, when the boys returned to stage for their encore, Kavyen emerged sporting a glow-in-the-black-light-fuelled-dark skeleton suit which wriggled around the stage during "Sad Song".

Top-to-bottom Eskimo Joe put on a fantastic show, proving that even after 16 years in the business, they are still more than capable of writing great tunes and performing them to a packed room full of adoring fans!

Eskimo Joe @ The Hi-Fi

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