With a 12:30pm departure scheduled for this morning, I took my chance to head over to the Rideau Centre once again to have my images taken over the past couple of days both here in Ottawa and also up in Mayo transferred to CD. I just chilled out for the rest of the morning reading the local paper and grabbing a bite to eat.

Back at the hostel I hooked up with the crew for the next leg of my journey. It was great to be reunited with Adrian again (after our few days traveling up around the North of Quebec). Also on the bus this time was Alan a top Kiwi bloke, and Stacy, an ever-so-sweet pommie gal. It seemed like we had a pretty good bunch of people together which I was really excited about.

The major stop for the day on route to Fort Coulonge was the Great Canadian Bungee center – an old quarry converted into an adventure center, about 25 minutes drive out of Ottawa. Of the group on the bus, only four guys (Tom, Alan, Adrian and our guide Geoff) took the plunge. I considered it, but my current financial situation took priority this time around and I chose instead to sit on the sidelines, chat with Stacy and be official photographer for all of the other guys.

One-by-one the guys headed up to the suspended steel walkway that lead them to their jumping point. The whole setting was pretty spectacular actually. Picture a huge solid limestone pit with 200ft high walls containing a 160 ft. deep aqua-blue, spring-fed lagoon, larger than 3 football fields. Here's some pics of Alan and Adrian doing their jumps:

With all the guys topside from the quarry waters again, we piled back into the bus just as the heavens opened and a pretty impressive storm moved in. Actually, on a side note, I have to say that the storms over in this part of the country have been pretty cool. We don't tend to get anything too exciting (in terms of lightning and thunder) back in the lower mainland of BC.

With a medium sized drive behind us, we pulled into the Esprit International Hostel around 6pm to be met by a friendly staff and an amazing steak dinner – just what the doctor ordered! Actually the whole Esprit setup here in Fort Coulonge is pretty slick. Everything seems to be well organised and I really can't wait to hit the white water tomorrow for our rafting day.

Spent the evening with all of my new friends (Alan, Stacey etc) as well as a few old ones (Adrian, Beat, and Dan who was here at Esprit waiting for us to arrive) around the campfire with a bottle of plonk – doesn't get much better than that!

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