Tackled the Grouse Grind for the 8th time this season today (still pushing to scale the beast 20 times before the trail is closed in the Fall), but this time, for the first time, I did it with someone else. Yes, I somehow managed to persuade Carmen that we should head over to North Van for a "leisurely stroll up a mountain".

I'm not sure she really likes me anymore to be honest. Haha!

All kidding aside, I was damn proud of her for making it the whole way in good time. And when we got to the top, we chilled out at Grinder & Coola's enclosure where we were able to snap off a few playful shots.

In case I don't say it near enough - we're so lucky to have these trails to tackle and these beautiful creatures to observe literally on the doorstep here in Vancouver. Amazing!

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