All over Canada they're still talking about THAT GOAL by Sid "the kid" Crosby to secure the men's 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics hockey gold medal.

There have been many YouTube videos floating around showing the moment of ecstasy as the puck whipped through Miller's "5-hole" and smacked the back of the net.

Here's a selection of videos showing how crowds all over Vancouver and Canada celebrated. Enjoy!

LiveCity Yaletown - Vancouver

Dundas Square - Toronto

Vancouver Down Town

Ever heard an entire city roar before? Well now you can. You might want to skip through to about the 17sec mark for this one... but how cool is it??

Whistler Village

Soho Bar - English Bay, Vancouver

A family's living room - Somewhere in Canada

Mahony & Sons Bar - University of British Columbia, Vancouver

If you've found any more great examples, please post the links in the comments section below.

Links & Credits

  • Cover Image // Rob Masefield
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