In what was the second game of ice hockey played as part of a stag (buck's) day or weekend for me this year, Saturday brought around the traditional last day of freedom with the "Boys" for my buddy JD.

The young man is set to tie the knot with his beautiful bride Candisha, in a few weeks time so this was a good chance for us all to spend a real "blokey" kind of day with him managing to squeeze in a spirited hockey game in the morning followed by an afternoon at the horse track and then some time at a few bars taking us deep into the early morning.

As an unwritten law, Cameras usually don't make it along on days like this, but since I wasn't skating I thought a few snaps should be in order and the following is what I came up with.

A quick congrats to Tim, TJ and whoever else was involved in putting on a really fun day for JD and the rest of us... and a huge "good luck" to the groom who has to explain his new cracked smile to Candi, following an accidental stick (his stick) to his face. Oops... anyone know a good dentist?

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