Under foggy conditions tonight, Australians had plenty to get excited about as the women's freestyle skiing aerials final got underway out at Cypress Mountain.

With 3 talented Aussies making the final including current world cup champion Lydia Lassila, inspirational veteran Jacqui Cooper, and teammate Liz Gardner, there was certainly plenty to be confident about while taking on the strong up-and-coming Chinese team.

Keeping us all breathless until the last round of jumps, ultimately the gorgeous Lydia Lassila landed one of her trademark jumps, a difficult triple-flipping, triple-twisting maneuver that had gave her a total score of 214.74, just 7 points ahead of her nearest Chinese opponent and securing Australia's second gold!

Taking Australia's overall tally to three 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic medals (2x gold, 1x silver), it represents Australia's most successful Winter Olympic performance in history and provided Lydia with more than enough ammunition to push the need for better home-soil facilities (reducing the need for athletes to be based outside of Australia full-time for training) and funding for the sport when she spoke with Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd.

I'm really proud of Lydia and also Jacqui, who finished a olympic-best 5th place, and Liz (12th). The girls were outstanding and ensured that Australia's historical dominance of the women's circuit for aerial skiing is maintained!

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