Well if I wasn't excited about the pending 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics leading up to this morning, then I sure as hell am now after seeing the Olympic Torch pass through North Vancouver today. What an experience!

It's amazing how much a wee little flame, albeit THE Olympic Flame can promote such strong feelings of pride, community and just sheer excitement in all those who line the streets and pathways along which the ultimate symbol of the Olympic movement travels.

Literally thousands of enthusiastic North Vancouver residents and other interested onlookers, dressed from head to toe in red and white maple leaves, turned out for the spectacle this morning as the torch blew through North Vancouver's Waterfront Park and Lonsdale Quay around 8:30am, before heading north up Lonsdale Avenue towards the mountains and the next leg on its epic journey.

The goosebumps for me were instant and there was definitely multiple sets of eyes around me leaking tears when it came our turn to cheer and holler for the torch bearer who made their way, flanked by visible tracksuit-clad security, through our position on the path.

Through all the pedestrian mayhem, I somehow managed to snap a few shots off in Waterfront Park and then also a little later on as the torch made its way up the lower section of Lonsdale Avenue.

The whole experience of simply viewing the Olympic Torch was energizing enough for me, but I actually got the chance to have my photo taken with one of the extinguished torches and its "bearer" before heading to work. AMAZING!!

I'd love to tell you who the lovely lady in the picture is, but I didn't catch her name, nor the names of any of the other runners that passed by this morning. I've tried looking for a list of runner's names on the web, but to no avail. If anyone can help me out with names, please let me know in the comments section below.

In the meantime, here's (above) the pics that I've been dieing to post all day!

Bring on the Opening Ceremony... I'M READY!!!!


For those of you wishing to see more images of the Torch relay across Canada, Boston.com have an amazing gallery of shots. Check them out here.

Kind of depressing how much better the shots are compared to mine...

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