It would be remiss of me not to preface this post with a MASSIVE thanks to my good friend Joy and her amazing hospitality this past weekend in Calgary for the 2006 Calgary Stampede.

Not really knowing anyone in Calgary and not having any real accommodation options available to me, Joy and her family saved my bacon by allowing me to crash with them for a few nights - thanks ever so much ladies!

I could write a REALLY long blow-by-blow entry going into detail with all the mischief I got up to this weekend (the bit about our night out at Cowboys alone could take me hours to write), but I'm going to wimp out and instead subscribe to the old adage that, "A picture tells a thousand words..."

I've prepared a comprehensive selection of images covering all my Calgary Stampede experiences this year including shots from the "Wildcard Saturday" Rodeo event, the Chuckwagon Finals and Stage Show on Sunday... and of course, the night time festivities at the infamous Cowboys nightclub. Enjoy!

Calgary Stampede welcome

Rodeo events

Chuckwagon Racing

Calgary Stampede 2006
Just when you think it can't get any more dangerous... they go and quadruple the horsepower!

Grandstand Show

The next day at the showgrounds

A visit to "Cowboys"

WARNING: If you are at all offended by fake boobs and skimpy clothing, cease scrolling right about now. You've been warned!

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