I don't know about you, but it's been a good few years now since I graced the halls of a reputable educational facility.

And, although I read A LOT of content online on a daily basis in order to keep up with the latest news, technology and innovations in the world, I often find it difficult to find content presented in a way that really engages me and holds my complete attention to the point where "stuff sinks in".

I'm a visual kinda guy by profession and also by nature, so waves of editorial or academic text is a struggle for me lest, dare I say it, there's at least SOME pictures or graphical representations of the content there to help me through.

With this in mind, the recent rise in popularity of infographics as a means of communicating educational information to the masses in an attractive, easily digestible and understandable way has been all kinds of good for people like me.

But what if this style of information presentation could be taken a step further? What if we could have complicated scientific and social subjects like... I dunno, nuclear energy, broken down and explained via beautifully produced, infographic-styled animated shorts?

Lucky for me, such a resource already exists and can be found right now on YouTube.

Kurz Gesagt – In A Nutshell

Sometime last year, I discovered the amazing people at Kurz Gesagt, a Munich-based design studio, a group of journalists, designers and musicians who, in their own words have:

Couldn't have put it better myself... no seriously, I tried... and failed.

This "distinctive perspective", and what I can only imagine is a healthy amount of spare time on the team's hands, is invested beautifully into quite possibly my favourite "learning" YouTube channel, Kurz Gesagt - In A Nutshell.

The team recently tackled the aforementioned subject of "Nuclear Energy Explained", seeking to provide a solid grounding in the history, pros and cons of the controversial alternate fuel supply.

To their credit, they attempted to present the science and benefits and historical disasters from a very balanced point-of-view, choosing not to lean on any kind of political or environmental bias. Instead, they have composed not one, but x3 beautifully produced videos covering the subject from all angles and opinions.

Nuclear energy explained: How does it work? (1 of 3)

3 Reasons why nuclear energy is terrible! (2 of 3)

3 Reasons why nuclear energy is awesome! (3 of 3)

Other things to learn

But why stop at nuclear energy? Now that you have a taste for the winning educational In A Nutshell ways, let's keep on going and open our minds to a new understanding of some of the world's other complicated subjects-of-the-moment like:

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