You know, I've been witness to some pretty amazing sunsets around the world from Santorini in the Greek Islands, to beaches in Fiji and South Africa, Cape Breton in Canada's far East as well as "back home" in Vancouver.

I have to say, however, and forgive me if I come across as slightly biased, the most vibrant and striking sunsets I have ever seen have been from the front doorstep of my parent's place in Brisbane.

Yes, little ol' Brissie puts on quite the show on certain evenings in the Summer, and tonight just happened to be one of those occasions.

I didn't really have time to set up to take anything really decent, but with these few pics that I have (which were in no ways touched up at all in Photoshop) I think you get the idea of how impressive the "fire in the sky" really was.

I can only hope that some of you were able to witness this in person.

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  • All images // Rob Masefield
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