It seems that my last post about Adobe's launch of their new "Brackets" modern text editor generated more discussion around the OSX Yosemite dock icons in the lead image than anything else.

I received a bunch of messages specifically about the Sublime Text and Sketch icons. To that end, here's a selection of great looking OSX Yosemite dock icons you can download and apply to your own apps to achieve the same kind of look.

Below the icons is a quick guide on the easiest way to update your system and application icons. Don't worry, I've got you sorted!

OSX Finder

OSX Finder Icon

OSX FINDER ICON   by Arvid Bräne (dribbble)

Settings Preferences

Settings Preferneces Icon

SETTINGS PREFS ICON   by Michael Martinho (dribbble)


Safari Icon

SAFARI ICON   by Marc Keeley (Deviantart)


1Password Icon

1PASSWORD ICON   by Jason Zigrino (Deviantart)

Adobe CC

Adobe CC Icon

ADOBE CC ICON   by Jason Zigrino (Deviantart)


Brackets Icon

BRACKETS ICON   by cvangilder64 (Deviantart)


Slack Icon

SLACK ICON   by Diesel Laws (dribbble)


Firefox Icon

FIREFOX ICON   by Santiago Ramos Panalés (Deviantart)

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Icon

MICROSOFT OFFICE ICONS   by hamzasaleem (Deviantart)


Pixelmator Icon

PIXELMATOR ICON   by thebadsaint (IconArchive)


Pocket Icon

POCKET ICON   by Jason Zigrino (Deviantart)


Sketch Icon

SKETCH ICON   by Mehmet Gozetlik (dribbble)


Skype Icon

SKYPE ICON   by Jason Zigrino (Deviantart)


Tweetbot Icon

TWEETBOT ICON   by Jason Zigrino (Deviantart)

Sublime Text

Sublime Text Icon

SUBLIME TEXT ICON   by Thomas Vagning (dribbble)


Weather Icon

WEATHER ICON   by Alexander Hansen (Deviantart)

How to change your icons

There's a few manual methods out there to get the job done, but the good folk at Freemacsoft have done all the hard work for you bundling the process into an easy-to-use application called LiteIcon.

Liteicon by Freemacsoft
Liteicon by Freemacsoft

It's a free download for OSX Mavericks and Yosemite users, so check it out.

Oh, and one last thing...

It's worth mentioning that it's best to use .icns files for this kind of thing. So if you get your hands on a decent .png icon at any stage, head on over to the iConvert Icons website where you can easily create and download the appropriate .icns file "for Finder".

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