I fear I'm going to have my work cut out for me in my upcoming visit home, convincing people that I DO in fact have legitimate reasons/excuses for heading back here (Vancouver) for another 10 months afterwards.

So... in a bid to help everyone understand a little more, please take the time to view the webcam below which is positioned on top of a residential tower on the edge of Yaletown looking out across the Burrard Bridge towards English Bay and North Vancouver in the distance.

Simply bookmark this page if you wish to view this page on a regular basis. The only thing you may have to do is hit F5 (PC People) to refresh the image and page from your last cached session. If that's all double dutch to you, then just remember to hit F5 each time you come back to the page so you know you are getting the most recent image each time.

The quality of the cam image is pretty outstanding as far as webcam images go, it updates about every 10 minutes or something and the sunsets are pretty amazing if you get the chance to catch them. I think that works out at about 11am AEST in Australia or something like that.


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