With the Canadian men's long track speed skating team skating for gold today, a group of us decided it only made sense to head out the international house that is synonymous with speed skating – Holland Heineken House.

Thankfully, we arrived early enough that we were spared the lengthy line ups I'd heard so much about so far during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Once inside, it was pretty clear that Holland Heineken House is as slick an operation as Molson Hockey House, which I was fortunate to experience the other day.

From the wide open entry, to the professional cloak room, the popular apparel and demo area to the Heineken smart cards and that amazing mashed potato with sauerkraut and bacon ensemble they were serving (whatever it was called). All very impressive, and all added to the overall "Holland Heineken House" experience.

The Dutch fans that were milling around were all very friendly and seemed genuinely excited that there was a big Canadian gold medal chance race coming up that wasn't going to feature any orange clad athletes. Then, when the big race came along, there was a real electricity in the place. It was a close one, and my buddy Chris had to put in that little bit extra, support-wise, to get the Canadian team over the line against the USA:

...and this is how it actually played out:

We had a really fun afternoon at the Holland Heineken House and I'm happy to finally have this great venue ticked off on my Olympics to-do list. Check it out if you get the chance, and make sure you grab a serving of that mashed potato stuff – amazing!

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  • All images // Rob Masefield