As part of the festivities down at the "Richmond O Zone" site south of Vancouver, the 2010 Ice Art World Championships were being held earlier today with teams from all over the world coming together to wield their chainsaws and electric ice picks in front of an appreciative audience.

10 teams from Canada, USA, Japan, France and Italy were given 12 hours to sculpt a single 40 inch high block of ice weighing 300 pounds (136 kilograms) and the results, from what I saw anyway, were very impressive.

There were multiple media agencies covering the competition when I entered the tent including Australia's own FOXTEL, represented by Ruby Rose. Was pretty cool to be able to say g'day to her.

It has been suggested that the ice sculpture entries will remain on show for as long as the elements allow (ie. before they melt away). Considering the mild weather right now and the rate of which the pieces were already visibly dripping away today, I think you'd better get down to the Richmond O Zone in the next couple of days if you want to check out the exhibition for yourself.

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