Ventured back out into down town tonight after dinner to catch a light and music presentation called "Ignite the Dream", that I read about during the day.

Billed as "...a spectacular and innovative evening show that will light up the sky", the show, which kicks off at 9:30pm and 11:00pm each night until the 28th February, certainly didn't disappoint with the sky over Robson Square being lit up by spotlights, coloured strobes, fire, smoke, zip-lining skiers and snowboarders and more! All this is set to a fantastic home-grown soundtrack featuring the following songs:

For more information on events being held in the Robson Square district, take a look at the British Columbia: You Gotta Be Here website.

And to tie things off, here's some video of the display that I found on YouTube. Gives you a bit of an idea as to what you can expect to see, and also shows the snowboarders etc flying across Robson Square on the zip line.

Links & Credits

  • All images // Rob Masefield
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  • Ignite the Dream Video // Henry Chen