Ok, so I know the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics are all about sport and amazing achievements on both snow and ice, but there's no doubt that the city of Vancouver is benefiting in a BIG way with all of the cultural acts and performers the have followed the "five ringed circus" to town.

Tonight was a particular highlight for me as one of my favourite Canadian bands, Jets Overhead performed a full set at the LiveCity Downtown venue on Vancouver's Georgia Street. Hailing from BC’s capital, Victoria, I first found myself drawn to the melodic Jets Overhead sound when they supported another well-known band, 54-40 at the Commodore back in October, 2005.

Back then, they were on a local promotional tour touting their debut album "Bridges" which included a fantastic selection of tracks such as "This Way", "White Out" and "All the People". Tonight, it was my first chance to hear them perform tracks from their most recent offering "No Nations" including their super popular, "Heading for Nowhere".

I'd love to kick-off a super big following of the guys down there in Australia in the hope that they will want to head down there to play the Summer festival circuit one year, but I'll settle for every Aussie who reads this and likes what they hear, sharing this post with at least one other music-loving friend down there. It's really simple, just share this post on Twitter or Facebook using the buttons above. It'll be a good start.

In the meantime, here's some pics and a video I shot with my Canon G11, my new "concert camera", from my time out at LiveCity Downtown tonight including images from the gold medal presentation to Canada's first ever gold medalist on home soil, Alex Bilodeau, and of Jets Overhead's performance including their final encore rendition of "All The People".

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