So I decided to take a wander down town after work today to see what was going on around the place. There's a real energy to the city right now which I've never felt before in the roughly 5 years I've called it home now, and I want to soak in every last ounce of it that I can. Funny how a few thousand others... and then a few thousand more, seemed to have the same idea as me.

The Olympic Torch, which I had the opportunity to see up close and personally just yesterday morning in North Vancouver. Today, the torch made its way around the Tri-Cities region and this evening wound its way into the down town core for the first time.

I thought I might just try and snap off a few frames if I could squeeze through the surging crowds for long enough. What I wasn't counting on, was that none other than popular Canadian crooner and all-around nice guy, Michael Bublé, would take possession of the flame pretty much right in front of me on Pacific Avenue, and take off with it blazing brightly in the soggy night air, towards the LiveCity Yaletown venue in David Lam Park.

A very cool moment, one which I shared with about a thousand pushing, stumbling, laughing and cheering revellers around me. It was a good feeling indeed – what a buzz!

Leaving the crowds behind me, I then headed back towards the Robson Square district to soak in some of the energy there, and boy was it humming. Now that they've closed off more of the streets up that way, there's now ample room for the thousands who are out looking to feed off the same buzz.

I wandered around for a bit, back towards the Olympic count down clock to see what it would look like with NO figures in the "days left" row, and then back up Robson Street to do a little shopping (on a side note, Roots have some pretty awesome Olympic looking (but not branded – back off VANOC & IOC!!) gear in stock right now).

Most of the retailers, especially the clothing brands have some kind of Olympic/Canadian theme going on in their windows, so Robson Street is a glowing red spectacle right now.

Ahhhhh... I'm going to sleep well tonight! THE OLYMPICS START TOMORROW!!!!!!!!

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