Ahhh yes, one of the absolute highlights of the Vancouver Summer calendar and my official indicator that Summer has arrived – the 2007 HSBC Celebration of Light kicked off tonight with "Team Spain" letting their rockets go just off English Bay.

Just like old times I met up with my good friend and fellow shutterbug Jenny and together we set up camp under the northern tower of the Burrard Bridge where I had some luck with shots during last year's event. Jenny has only recently returned from a 10 month stint in Melbourne and I think it was this very event last year that marked the last time we had seen each other, so the few hours we had to kill waiting for the fireworks to start we used to have a proper catch up.

While setting up we met Mike, a relatively green, tripod-less Vancouver native who was keen for some tips on how to shoot fireworks knowing that there are still three nights left to improve on first attempts. We talked him through some tips and hints on shutter speeds, exposure and post processing for fireworks shots, swapped details and we hope to hear from him and view some of his shots in the near future.

But enough babbling from me... here are the pick of my shots from tonight.


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  • All images // Rob Masefield
  • Celebration of Light // wikipedia.org
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