With something like 90cm of snow dumped on the local mountains during the week here in Vancouver it only made sense for me to jump on a bus this morning and head up to Cypress Mountain for a full day of spring skiing under clear blue skies.

It's amazing to think that the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic organisers had difficulties with a lack of snow up at Cypress not 2 months ago, considering the awesome coverage they have up there right now. With that in mind, I somehow managed to squeeze out roughly 6 hours of boarding right across the resort's 2 mountains and loved every minute of it.

Towards the end of the day I headed down into the "Bell Power Park" in the hope that some crazy talented skiers and boarders would slide through and launch themselves off the various jumps and table tops providing me with the opportunity to grab some shots. I can't say that there were too many people coming through, but I did get the chance to talk to the resident park maintenance guys who were more than happy (HUGE THANKS GUYS!) to strap on their boards and throw down a few mad runs for me so that I could walk away with at least something.

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