Just to change things up a little tonight, I met Jenny and Mike (and others) on the shoreline of Vanier Park on the South end of False Creek – a spot that I've not previously shot the Celebration of Light fireworks from before.

It was Team China's chance to shine tonight and I'm sure they meant well, but for my mind they didn't come close to matching it with Team Spain, nor Team Canada for that matter. Unfortunately for them there was NIL breeze present tonight, after a beautiful hot day, which meant there was a bit of a lingering smoke problem.

You'll see what I mean when you view the following shots I got that I'm not all that happy with to be honest. I think the shots I took for Team Spain on the first night of the festival this year are a better representation of this year's event.

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  • All images // Rob Masefield
  • Celebration of Light // wikipedia.org
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